Ilion II System

Ideal for low energy surface preparation for your SEM cross section viewing.

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  • Vacuum load-lock and liquid nitrogen cold stage to provide rapid workflows on beam sensitive samples
  • Real-time observation of the polishing process including an optical microscope with digital imaging; images can be stored and analyzed with DigitalMicrograph® software from Gatan
  • Repeatable results from recipes and operation of the Ilion™ II via a 10" color touch screen interface
  • Damage-free surfaces for analytical techniques, such as cathodoluminescence and EBSD, where the signal is generated near the surface


Journal of Alloys and Compounds

Wei, Y.; Zhao, X.; Liu, Z.; Tan, C.

Corrosion Science

Lai, Z.; Bi, P.; Wen, L.; Xue, Y.; Jin, Y.

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