PECS II System

Broad argon ion beam system designed to polish and coat samples for SEM imaging and analytical techniques.

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Fully automated argon ion polishing system suitable for preparation of SEM samples to prepare damage free surfaces, cross sections and deposit coatings to protect or eliminate charging.

  • Polish, etch or coat samples with a single pump down
  • Etch at voltages as low as 100 V for rapid and damage free preparation of sample surfaces 
  • Permit samples as large as 32 mm in diameter
  • Transfer samples from the PECS™ II instrument to a SEM/FIB or glovebox without exposure to air (optional)
  • Store and analyze image in DigitalMicrograph® software from Gatan for digital optical imaging
  • Display and control all PECS II parameters using integrated 10-inch color touch screen


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Model 685





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Ion beam preparation procedures for three-dimensional SEM resolved Kikuchi (EBSD) and Kossel microdiffraction analysis of deformed metals


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