Advanced AutoFilter Suite

Automates your multi-element EELS and EFTEM data acquisition experiments.

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  • Set up, perform, and repeat common EELS or EFTEM based acquisitions covering multiple elements or features of interest as a single experiment
    • RangeEELS—Using a single click, captures extended spliced EELS spectra over multiple energy regions
    • EFTEM MultiMap—Performs multiple EFTEM acquisitions (e.g., zero-loss imaging, elemental mapping) as a single experiment
    • Advanced EFTEM SI—Simplifies acquisition range set-up by element or feature, plus extends EFTEM spectrum imaging acquisition over large energy loss ranges with optimal signal-to-noise ratio maintained dynamically throughout
  • Fast, fully automated data acquisition via an easy to use interface
  • Sample-centric paradigm providing intuitive experiment set-up via periodic table
  • Store and recall experiment profiles for easy reproducibility
  • Compatible with GIF Continuum™ and GIF Quantum® imaging filters
  • Compatible with in-column imaging filters, starting with Gatan Microscopy Suite® software, version 2.1

For more information pertaining to EELS techniques, step-by-step instructions on analytical experiments, and access to downloadable spectra, please visit, an educational site that is dedicated to supporting the EELS community.

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