Diffraction analysis package (DIFPACK) to automate the selection area of your electron diffraction (SAED) patterns and high resolution lattice images of crystalline samples.

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  • Provides simple and accurate measurements of lattice spacings and the angle between two sets of lattice planes
  • Automatically tracks all measurements in different images and provides output which can be easily exported to any word processor or plotting applications
  • Ideal tool for performing high precision magnification calibration
  • Accurate peak location—Automatic peak search and refinement to sub-pixel accuracy through the use of center of mass calculation (for diffraction patterns) and interpolation (for diffractograms)
  • Improved diffractogram—Calculation of the diffractogram of a lattice image is preceded by masking in real-space to eliminate streaking and improve measurement accuracy
  • Optimized calibration—Calibrations are automatically transferred between image and its diffractogram
  • Center location—Center of diffraction pattern can be automatically located using a cross-correlation technique (for centro-symmetrical patterns) or be determined manually from a pair of spots located symmetrically about the central spot
  • Background thresholdingBackground noise can be automatically distinguished from dim spots through the use of an empirically determined threshold parameter


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