Stela Hybrid-Pixel Camera

The only fully integrated hybrid-pixel electron detector with STEMx for advanced 4D STEM diffraction.

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The only fully integrated hybrid-pixel electron detector with STEMx® for advanced four-dimensional scanning transmission electron microscopy (4D STEM) diffraction. By fully integrating the DECTRIS hybrid-pixel electron detector within the Gatan Microscopy Suite® software, the Stela camera extends Gatan’s comprehensive 4D STEM portfolio to understand advanced materials at low kV.

One platform, many solutions

  • Industry-leading Gatan Microcopy Suite software: Seamlessly integrates diffraction imaging and 4D STEM with hybrid-pixel electron detection
  • Quickly turns subtle observations into bright insights: Analyze and assess results in minutes to optimize the experiment and collect the best 4D STEM dataset possible

Diffraction uncompromised

  • Exceptional-dynamic range for 4D STEM: Captures weak and intense reflections to enable advanced diffraction studies
  • Acquires a 4D cube at >16,000 pixels/s: 
    • Reduces specimen drift and damage
    • Covers large sample areas in less time
  • Optimized for imaging at low kV: Ideal for materials that require diffraction studies at <80 kV



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