In-Situ Explorer

Full in-situ control and data handling within Gatan Microscopy Suite software.

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In-situ microscopy is a valuable tool to understand how real-world conditions and stimuli interact with and affect the structures, properties, and processes of a material. With the advent of more precise environment control and faster recording speeds, in-situ microscopy now generates some of the largest, information-rich datasets and imposes increasing demands on data capture, exploration, processing, and mining.

To address these rapid advancements, Gatan in partnership with DENSsolutions now introduces the In-Situ Explorer, the first software to centralize component control and data correlation from in-situ stimuli as well as high-resolution spatial and temporal imaging. Through a single software interface, In-Situ Explorer now offers a systematic and accurate way to correlate recorded images from Gatan IS cameras (K3™ IS, K2® IS, Stela™, OneView® IS, and Rio™ IS) with the in-situ thermal data from the sample holder (DENSsolutions Wildfire, Lightning, and Climate systems) responsible for the observed specimen changes.

  • Single control interface: Acquire, store, and analyze Gatan imaging and DENSsolutions holder data through Gatan Microscopy Suite® software
  • Always know the sample temperature: Record actual temperature, set point, and heater power for every image
  • Extract data based on time, temperature, and region of interest: Use the temperature history to explore and extract the precise data to be analyzed


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