STEMx System

A powerful tool that adds 4D STEM diffraction capabilities to your existing Gatan in-situ camera.

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Introducing STEMx®, a 4D STEM diffraction system that collects data through hardware synchronization with Gatan’s in-situ cameras. By leveraging the high spatial and temporal resolution of the K3®​ IS, K2® IS, Stela™, OneView® IS, and Rio™ IS cameras, STEMx enables a wide variety of 4D STEM experiments, including strain mapping, indexing, orientation mapping, virtual apertures, and differential phase contrast.

  • Leverage your existing Gatan in-situ camera for new 4D STEM applications
  • Scan large sample areas with high diffraction space resolution
  • Streamline your workflow for advanced applications
  • Examine preliminary results in <10 min

Once a diffraction pattern is generated for each data point, a single, interactive Gatan Microscopy Suite® (GMS) 3 display enables you to view and manipulate all the information in a 4D STEM diffraction cube; including diffraction planes or individual diffraction patterns at each pixel location. STEMx is then able to process these large datasets within minutes using data size reduction methods that comprise of binning in four dimensions, sub-sampling in the spatial domain, or selecting a small region of interest. By consolidating both acquisition and analysis into GMS 3, not only can you quickly analyze and assess results at the microscope, but immediately decide whether to modify acquisition parameters or capture a new dataset.

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