Straining In-Situ Holders

Quantify microstructural changes in materials due to applied mechanical loading.

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  • Single push-button operation starts or stops the elongation process
  • Gear reduction needed to provide small displacement rate required in TEM studies is achieved using a 2190:1 low-backlash, spur gear train followed by a 40:1 reduction precision worm and wheel drive
  • Hexlok™ specimen securing mechanism provides firm and secure clamping of the tensile specimen
Model number Specimen securing Operating
Specimen positioning
654 Hexlok™ (clamping plate or grid fixture)1 Ambient α tilt
671 Hexlok™ mechanism Less than
-170 °C
α tilt
1See datasheet for comparison.


Materials Today

Bu, Y.; Wu, Y.; Lei, Z.; Yuan, X.; Wu, H.; Feng, X.; Liu, J.; Ding, J.; Lu, Y.; Wang, H.; Lu, Z.; Yang, W.



Models 654, 671


Single Tilt Straining Holder, model 654
Single Tilt Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Straining Holder, model 671


Single Tilt Straining Holder, model 654

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