Turbo Pumping Station

Vacuum storage of holders and specimens, regeneration of cryo-specimen holders.

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The turbo pumping station is a completely self-contained, compact, benchtop pumping station designed to regenerate the sorb material in cooling and cryo-transfer holder dewars and for vacuum storage of transmission electron microscope (TEM) holders or samples.

  • Incorporates the latest diaphragm pump and turbo drag pump technologies to produce a clean vacuum
  • Pumping times from atmosphere to near base pressure are typically less than 2 minutes
  • Work column mounted directly atop the turbo drag pump permits various pumping combinations for TEM holder and/or TEM sample storage
  • Holder / sample storage capacity for four holders, four sample storage modules, or a combination of both
  • Valves on the work column can be controlled to maintain vacuum when power is switched off making it possible to isolate the vacuum pumps from the work modules


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