Tomography Holders

High tilt and dual orientation holders for tomography applications.

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Designed with low profile tips that allow up to 80° α tilt1 in small pole piece gaps providing a large, unobstructed field of view for tomographic data collection.

Model number Minimum operating
Elsa™ (698) Less than -170 °C α Tilt
Quickload™ (ULP)
Clipring™ (STP)
916 Ambient α Tilt Quickload
clamping springs
927 Ambient α Tilt, fixed 90° rotation C-ring
912 Ambient α Tilt Specimen bonding to J- or C-shaped removable end tips
1 Tilt ranges and compatibility of specimen holders vary according to the TEM manufacturer, model, pole piece gap, and the presence of in-gap accessories. 
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