Vacuum Transfer Holders

Preserve sample integrity with controlled transfer from an inert environment to the TEM.

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Transmission electron microscope (TEM) vacuum transfer holders are used in applications that require transfer of specimen from a preparation station (glove box or vacuum chamber) into TEM under vacuum or controlled atmospheric conditions. 

  • When configured for energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS) applications, the beryllium cradle is designed to provide a clear path between the sample and the detector to reduce shadowing for EDS analysis
Model number Operating
Specimen positioning Specimen securing Motorized
648 Ambient α, β tilt Hexring® mechanism β tilt
VTST4006 Ambient   α tilt Clamping ring  
CHVT3007 -160 to
+50 °C
Optional α tilt Clamping ring1  
 1 Analytical configuration uses a Hexring mechanism.


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Models 648, CHVT3007, VTST4006


Double Tilt Vacuum Transfer Holder, model 648
Single Tilt Vacuum Transfer Holder, model VTST4006
Single Tilt Liquid Nitrogen Vacuum Transfer Cooling Holder, model CHVT3007


Double Tilt Vacuum Transfer Holder Training, model 648

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