BioContinuum Imaging Filter

Optimized for cryo-EM and cryo-ET to gain further insight into system function and disease progression at the molecular level.

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BioContinuum® is a post-column imaging filter that improves the contrast of transmission electron microscope (TEM) images and delivers the most powerful imaging performance in life science applications.

The BioContinuum combines the latest generation of GIF electron optics with the K3® camera's transformative direct detection technology. This powerful combination of energy filter and camera is optimized for cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) and cryo-electron tomography (cryo-ET). With the BioContinuum you can successfully gain insight into the atomic structure of biological macromolecules and disease progression at the molecular level.

Providing the most easy-to-use and versatile system, the BioContinuum imaging filter can be controlled by the powerful Gatan Microscopy Suite® of software including DigitalMicrograph®, Latitude® S, Latitude T, and Latitude D. Alternatively, the BioContinuum imaging filter can be integrated into Thermo Scientific EPU software, Thermo Scientific Tomography software, Serial EM, and Leginion.

The BioContinuum imaging filter is available in two different models:

  BioContinuum BioContinuum HD
Model number 1067 1067HD
Detector K3 K3
Real-time motion correction Optional Optional
Integrated centered beam stop Optional Optional
EELS capability - Optional
EFTEM capability - Optional
Integrated BF/DF detector for STEM imaging - Optional


The BioContinuum HD imaging filter is compatible with most TEMs from Thermo Fisher, JEOL, and Hitachi. 

Stable, aberration-corrected optics

  • Lowest image and energy distortion: Cutting-edge optics reduce image distortion and provide uniform imaging over the entire field of view
  • Most stable optics in the market: Extremely stable ZLP positioning offers consistent data quality with no downtime in imaging

High-quality, high-throughput direct detection imaging

  • Highest DQE and widest operating voltage range: Acquire data at the highest resolutions from 80 – 300 kV
  • High-speed data collection: Routinely collect >600 movies per hour
  • Large field of view: Ideal for cryo-ET to collect the highest resolution images of within the larger biological context

Easy to use

  • Powered by the DigitalMicrograph, Latitude, and AutoFilter® platforms: Is simple to operate without sacrificing any of the power or flexibility needed for modern experiments
  • One-button tuning and alignment on all detectors: Smart algorithms speed up and streamline optics alignment for all users

Versatile upgrade path

  • Future-proof your investment: Easily upgrade your existing equipment from a BioQuantum® K2 all the way to the BioContinuum HD with EELS and EFTEM acquisition



Model 1067


BioContinuum Imaging Filter

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Continuing our prosperous collaborations that built the K2, the K3 is the successful result of Peter Denes' team at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and David Agard.

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