Latitude S Software

Sets a new standard for the efficient, high-throughput collection of low-dose, single-particle, cryo-EM datasets from Gatan’s cameras.

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Latitude® S sets a new standard for the efficient, high-throughput collection of low-dose, single-particle, cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) datasets from Gatan’s leading K3™, K2®, BioContinuum™, BioQuantum™ K3, GIF Quantum® LS, and OneView® cameras. Only Latitude S optimally integrates your large investments in cryo-EM instrumentation, the transmission electron microscope (TEM) column, and the Gatan camera.
  • Works with cryo-EM’s leading cameras for single-particle analysis: Automate low-dose acquisition on your K3, K2, BioContinuum, BioQuantum K3, GIF Quantum LS, and OneView cameras
  • Highest productivity: Latitude S’ direct interface with Gatan cameras allows the highest throughput and productivity, bar none
  • Platform independent: Works on select Thermo Scientific, JEOL, and Hitachi TEMs; with Latitude S you can freely mix and match EM column brands as optimal for your lab
  • Professionally supported: Onsite applications support and training available
  • Reduce time to find “good ice”: Quickly explore areas of varying thickness and intensity to determine the optimal locations on your grid
  • Avoid repetitive tasks: Leverage grid-based tool and templates to mark hundreds of contiguous or separate regions for further investigation
  • Adjust parameters on-the-fly: Fine-tune and update the remaining steps in the workflow to ensure consistency in your routines
  • Extensive task and session tracking: Acquire a comprehensive, real-time report of session tasks, including current and scheduled actions with timings

Research Spotlight

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Cell Host & Microbe

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Communications Biology

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