K3 Camera

K3™ is the new imaging performance benchmark for direct detection cameras. Redesigned from the ground up, this true next generation camera is optimized for the most demanding low-dose applications in both life science and materials science research. The K3 camera is the complete and latest expression of Gatan's deep experience in the delivery of real-time, single electron counting direct detection cameras.

  • Better
    • Powerful inline signal processing will raise the DQE beyond that of the K2 camera
    • Optional inline, GPU-based motion correction avoids the need to save terabytes of raw frames
  • Larger 
    • 24 megapixels (5,760 x 4,092) field of view – 1.6 times the size of the K2 camera
  • Faster
    • 1,500 full frames per second –  3.75 times the speed of the K2 camera

At the introduction of the K3 camera, the many early adopters who were part of the K2/K3 upgrade program received the GPU option for free as a token of our appreciation for their trust in Gatan.

Insist on the highest performance camera and discover how the K3 will continue the tradition of breaking boundaries in cryo-electron microscopy – year after year.

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Continuing our prosperous collaborations that built the K2, the K3 is the successful result of Peter Denes' team at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and David Agard.