Rio Camera

Gatan’s latest CMOS camera that with its resolution, speed, and ease of use will revolutionize electron microscopy.

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Introducing Rio™, Gatan’s newest CMOS camera that will revolutionize your transmission electron microscopy (TEM) experience across all applications. With Rio, you no longer have to choose between the field of view, resolution, speed, and sensitivity. With Rio, you get it all. Lens or tapered fiber-optic coupled cameras lose most of the light coming from the scintillator. Rio’s newly optimized scintillator and 1:1 fiber optic coupling maximize light generation and collection. Rio – the clear new performance benchmark for scintillator cameras up to 200 kV operation.

  • High sensitivity: Newly optimized scintillator and 1:1 fiber optic coupling. Gpixel CMOS sensor with a 100% duty cycle and ultra-low readout noise
  • High resolution: 9 µm pixel, optimal for 30 – 200 kV operation
  • Large field of view: Up to 16 megapixels (4k x 4k)
  • High speed: Up to 20 4k x 4k resolution frames per second and 160 1k x 1k frames per second
  • Easy to use: Gatan Microscopy Suite® technique panels for simplified experimental interaction
  • Flexible: Use Rio across many applications, including routine EM, HREM, in-situ, diffraction, 4D STEM, and more
  • All Rio cameras come standard with drift correction and full resolution image display at live frame rates
  • Automatically compensate for column, holder, or specimen drift when recording images
  • Live, full resolution display: Eliminates yesterday’s need for separate View and Acquire modes, and the full resolution information can be displayed in Fast-Fourier transforms in real-time


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