Characterization of nanophotonic devices far below the diffraction limit workshop

This workshop demonstrates how the Monarc® Pro CL detector can deliver the most comprehensive understanding of nanophotonic devices with a live demonstration showing the characterization of plasmonic and photonic crystal samples.

Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy for Semiconductor Device Characterization

At EAG Laboratories, we analyze many different types of nanoengineered materials for researchers from the industry, national labs, and governmental agencies. For silicon devices, virtually all the critical materials problems are at the interfaces. STEM-EELS hyperspectral mapping is a powerful technique for studying materials' structure and chemistry down to atomic resolution. The industry widely employs it for materials characterization and failure analysis.

Live Virtual Workshop: Stela Hybrid Pixel Electron Detector for 4D STEM Diffraction

This comprehensive workshop features a presentation, a live microscope demonstration (including 4D STEM data acquisition and processing), and an open Q&A session.

Using Structural Biology to Drive Pandemic Preparedness Webinar

Safe, effective, and scalable vaccines and therapeutics are needed to halt the ongoing SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. The receptor-binding domain (RBD) is immunodominant and the target of 90% of the neutralizing activity present in SARS-CoV-2 convlescent sera. To further understand this point, we structurally defined an RBD antigenic map using cryo-electron microscopy, ELISA, and BLI.

Instrumentation improvements for rapid in-situ EELS webinar

Spectroscopic mapping by STEM-EELS is a powerful technique for determining the structure and chemistry of a wide range of biological, natural, and engineered materials and interfaces down to atomic resolution. The continual push for more robust, sensitive, and localized characterization is enabled by significant and ongoing improvements to hardware throughout the STEM-EELS instrument.

Broad Argon Ion Beam Tool for EBSD Preparation Webinar

Electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) is a critical technique for materials analysis in an SEM. EBSD provides far more than energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy in that grain size, texture, grain orientation, and in many cases, secondary phases can be identified and their relationship in terms of grain orientation to the primary phase.

Continuum IS: Versatile time-resolved data collection webinar

This webinar presents the numerous types of data that can be collected with the Continuum IS as well as the powerful tools we provide to process that data, including our redesigned IS player and Python scripting.

NUANCE Workshop on 4D STEM: Data Processing using Python

NUANCE Workshop on 4D STEM: Data Processing in DM

NUANCE Workshop on 4D STEM: Fundamentals of Electron Diffraction and 4D STEM