ClearView Camera

The high-performance scintillator camera that elevates your everyday transmission electron microscopy

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Introducing ClearView®, the high-performance scintillator camera that elevates your everyday transmission electron microscopy (TEM). With ClearView, everyone can capture impactful in-situ and 4D STEM data at framerates faster than any other scintillator camera on the market. New camera imaging modes make it easy to capture the highest-quality images from materials science and biological samples.

  • Capture images with the highest quality: New CMOS sensor features always-on high dynamic range sensor readouts to acquire 4k x 4k images and video at 50 frames per second (fps)
  • Record in-situ video and 4D STEM data at the highest speeds of any scintillator camera: Acquire data up to 1,600 fps at 256 x 256 resolution to record fast in-situ reactions or analyze large areas quickly with 4D STEM
  • Maximize signal-to-noise for low-contrast imaging and diffraction: New enhanced frame exposure imaging mode integrates less read noise to better resolve subtle image and diffraction features under low-dose conditions
  • Achieve the desired frame rate and data rate for any technique or experiment: Control image size and field of view with new sensor subarea region of interest readout options
  • Integrates with eaSI technology for the most efficient multidimensional and multimodal experiments: Acquires 4D STEM data linked with elemental data from complimentary detectors

In-situ option

  • Image binning increases framerate by 4x, and sensor sub-area readouts increase framerate by up to 8x 
  • Combine binning with sub-area readout to reach up to 1,600 fps and study sub-ms in-situ reactions  
  • Never miss the start of a reaction with LookBack™, a post-event triggered video buffer to ensure events are captured from the start 
  • Confidently record long experiments with TimeLapse, which saves data at a longer interval of time or number of frames 
  • Process data from start to finish in DigitalMicrograph® using tools for drift correction, video editing, and data exporting

Low distortion option

  • Guarantees high-resolution, low-distortion images for quantitative spatial measurements on your TEM 
  • Improved fiber-optic coupling and imaging performance minimize camera distortions
  • Low camera distortion offers a greater margin to achieve total distortion specification for regular TEM qualification
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