Analytical Holders

Optimized for EDS analysis at ambient temperature.

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TEM analytical holders are designed for basic imaging and analytical applications, such as electron diffraction and energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS) analysis of crystalline TEM specimens.

  • A beryllium specimen cradle minimizes unwanted x-ray signals
  • Cut-outs in the specimen tip are matched to the TEM configuration and provide a clear path between the sample and detector to reduce shadowing for EDS analysis
  • To facilitate quantitative x-ray analysis, non-rotating holder versions are equipped with a small Faraday cup located near the specimen cradle at the tip of the holder
  • Electrical connections are available for the non-rotating versions of the holder
Model number Beryllium cradle Specimen positioning Specimen securing Motorized control Faraday cup Maximum electrical feedthroughs (optional)
643 Standard α tilt Hexring® mechanism   Standard 6
646 Standard α, β Tilt Hexring β Tilt Standard 4 – 61
650 Standard α Tilt and rotation Hexring Rotation No 0
925 Standard α, β Tilt and rotation1 Hexring   No 0
1 2 – 6 for JEOL UHR, 2 – 4 for all other EMMs


Advanced Functional Materials

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