Metro In-Situ Counting Camera

The cutting-edge counting camera for groundbreaking imaging, diffraction, and in-situ studies.

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Metro™ – The cutting-edge counting camera for groundbreaking imaging, diffraction, and in-situ studies. By enabling counting capabilities while operating your transmission electron microscope (TEM) at low accelerating voltages (60 – 200 kV), imaging your most sensitive samples and low-dose studies is now within reach. This not only enhances results but allows you to push the research boundaries for 2D materials, batteries, catalysts, nanotubes, polymers, and organic/biological materials.

  • Enables lower dose rates and detection of smaller signals at ≤200 kV on your existing TEM
  • Images the most beam-sensitive specimens
  • Captures fine details, even at the most extreme dose rates
  • Allows you to see higher-quality diffraction patterns with virtually no background
  • Stores in-situ, 2k video at ≤41 fps and 512 x 512 video at ≤492 fps
  • Acquires images with the simple but powerful DigitalMicrograph® interface that you are familiar with for the OneView® IS camera
  • With one click, corrects for drift with automatic sub-frame alignment



Model 1130


Metro In-Situ Counting Camera

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Continuing our prosperous collaborations that built the K2® and K3, Metro is the successful result of Peter Denes' team at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and David Agard.

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