GIF Continuum K3 System

Electron counting for all your EELS, EFTEM, and energy-filtered 4D STEM applications.

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The GIF Continuum® K3® series employs the revolutionary K3 direct detection counting detector for the highest fidelity electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) and energy-filtered transmission electron microscopy (EFTEM) data possible. Powered by the DigitalMicrograph® and AutoFilter® platforms, the GIF Continuum K3 is simple to operate without sacrificing any of the power or flexibility needed for modern experiments. Pair the K3 with an optional scintillator detector or the Stela™ hybrid-pixel camera for the most versatile system available.

Ideal for low-dose imaging applications and spectroscopy with CountedEELS modes

  • High sensitivity, large pixel count of the K3 detector is optimal for low-dose imaging and in-situ studies
  • Resolves atomic structures with high fidelity even at low intensities (80 – 300 kV)
  • Delivers the sharpest edges over the broadest energy range
  • DualEELS ensures you have both low- and core-loss that are key for modern EELS quantification

Extend electron counting to low kV with Stela

  • Extends CountedEELS and EFTEM below 80 kV
  • Optimal for energy-filtered diffraction, micro-ED, and 4D STEM
  • Captures weak and intense reflections with the highest dynamic range

Productivity that you expect with full DigitalMicrograph integration

  • One-button tuning and alignment on all detectors
  • Flexible yet straightforward STEM-EELS spectrum imaging with Live Mapping
  • One-stop analysis platform for all TEM/STEM applications reduces training time and cost
  • Powerful, multi-dimensional data analysis and visualization tools allow users to delve into and explore complex data sets effortlessly
  • Native support for DigitalMicrograph scripting and Python programming to customize your analysis


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