GIF Continuum ER/HR with Stela System

The EELS and EFTEM systems ideal for multiuser facilities, now with the Stela hybrid-pixel option.

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GIF Continuum® is the industry-leading platform for electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) and energy-filtered transmission electron microscopy (EFTEM) applications. The GIF Continuum ER and HR models have proven themselves as the core systems for a broad range of applications with their fast and sensitive Continuum scintillator cameras.

The Stela® hybrid-pixel camera* excels at the lower kV range for EELS and 4D STEM applications, boasting an EELS spectral rate of 8 kHz and 4D STEM at over 16 kHz when coupled to STEMx®. The GIF Continuum ER/HR with Stela system combines the flexibility and large format of the Continuum scintillator camera with the low-kV performance and speed of the Stela hybrid-pixel camera on a single system.

Core EELS and EFTEM systems for multi-user facilities

  • Large format CMOS camera provides general-purpose imaging, diffraction, and EELS for all users
  • High-dynamic range Stela camera excels at energy-filtered 4D STEM and fast EELS mapping
  • DigitalMicrograph® enables a one-stop acquisition and analysis platform for all TEM, STEM, and in-situ applications
  • Ultra-fast shutter and fast DualEELS for both the Continuum and Stela cameras
    • Extend energy range without loss of energy resolution
    • Seamlessly collect the low-loss data necessary for quantification and fine-structure EELS analysis

*with DECTRIS hybrid-pixel technology

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